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Because you care about your human asset.

Employability. Coaching. Newplacement.

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Because you care

Set up your employees with the resources they need in a dynamic and evolving working world so that they can unleash their talents and thrive for your long-term success.

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Get started


Unleash the existing potential of your employees.


As an employer, you care about your most valuable asset, your employees. This is also the reason you promote their further development and optimal use in your company.

Together we discover the existing talents and competencies of your employees, promote and develop them further. They are ready for a future in your company.

Your employees fulfil their tasks with joy and verve, are motivated and loyal — the ingredients for your entrepreneurial success.

Executive Coaching

The solution is the goal — and it is already there.


As a company, you want one thing above all: reliable and motivated employees who grow with the company.

As coaching experts, we work with your employees on this solution. Measure us by the results. Individual coaching, talent and value assessments increase the personal and professional performance of the coachees. We are convinced that there are no better solutions than those that people develop themselves.


This is how we discover and release the energy and drive for the tasks in your company. You have your valuable team member back.


We turn classical outplacement on its head.


Parting from employees is often unavoidable in times of rapid change and growth. Even if it is hard for those affected, with us it is a new beginning.

Through our professional approach, we create the ideal basis together with the clients, to then go the new way with the highest performance. This turns the future into an opportunity.

You know your former employees are in professional and attentive care.

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Skill shifters, Talent Enablers & Transformers

Petra Streit ist Partner und Coach bei All In Placement

Petra Streit

Partner & Coach

Due to her winning manner, the coachees feel in good hands with her. The pronounced empathy creates an environment of trust and confidence.

Petra lays the emotional foundation for the candidates' future careers.

Mathias Dick ist Partner und hat grosse Erfahrung im Executive Coaching

Mathias Dick

Partner & Coach

Maintaining your network is time well spent. 76% of over 100 Coachees & Mentees newly placed, confirm that.

Mathias has the power to stimulate the thoughts and to awaken dreams.

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Read what others say — Testimonials

«The coaching by Mathias during my job search was not only supportive, but also very motivating, inspiring and mentally strengthening. He listens, analyses, asks the right and important questions, even those that you yourself do not say out loud or want to hear, stands by your side in an advisory capacity and shows other ways that make you think. In addition, he passes on concrete, actionable tips and insights that he has gained through his many years of experience, and if necessary, he helps with further contacts from his network. I thank Mathias for the mental plum stone that continues to turn, and I am already looking forward to more conversations about the world, life and beautiful things.»

Ursula Kienzl, Senior Product Manager, Gilead Switzerland

«Job hunting at C-level has its pitfalls - in particular, it takes a clear focus, a lot of contact management and it takes patience, a lot of patience. This also means waiting to see what's coming. And waiting can foster uncertainty. In this situation, it is important to have interlocutors who listen to you, who can give you tips and, in particular, who can boost your confidence. Mathias is one of those who can do that very well. Coaching in a nutshell. It was good for me and it helped to bridge the wait with stimulating conversations. Many thanks for that.»

Stefan F. Meier, CFO

«First of all, Mr. Dick is a very pleasant and empathetic person to talk to, and he listens very carefully to your story about your job loss and job search history.

For me, Mr. Dick is a great counsellor because he :

  • gave me confidence in my abilities

  • Gave me a strategic approach to finding a new job

  • broadened my horizons and gave me a new perspective in my job search

  • helped me understand the local mentality

  • Advised me on how to properly present myself to a potential employer during an interview

  • showed me how to highlight the essence of my work experience to understand my strengths and weaknesses

  • showed me ways and methods to organize my own network

  • shared with me his very good knowledge of the Swiss labor market.»


Igor, Zug/Switzerland

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